Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle to this day is a symbol of royal power in Britain. Built by William the Conqueror in the 11th century, Windsor is currently still used by the Queen of England. This castle along with Buckingham Palace is one of the two official residences of the current Queen Elizabeth.

Usually the Queen goes to Windsor Castle in the early summer and again in the winter, most often for Christmas. Windsor is open for tourist visits, but only when its massive towers are not waving the flag of the country. The fluttering flag means the queen is there and visits are not possible.


Windsor Castle is located near the English town of the same name, located in the County of Berkshire. This part of Southeast England and Windsor are one of the most popular and interesting tourist attractions. Through the city of the beautiful island runs the River Thames. Windsor Castle is an absolute record as it is considered the oldest and largest inhabited castle still in the world. Windsor Castle is located 34 km west of London . From the British capital the most comfortable way you can get to the town and castle is by taking a train from Paddington station which, from there to Windsor takes about 45 minutes.

Windsor Castle was built with the original idea to be a fortress. William the Conqueror ordered the erection of the palace on the right bank of the Thames in the 11th century. The idea was Windsor would be one of several key fortresses to defend the road to the British capital.

Windsor Palace

Later, King Henry II ordered to move to the palace of stone, having built several towers. Since then, Windsor Castle has not stopped as a royal residence. In the 14th century Edward III destroys it as it was constructed by his predecessor to raise Windsor Castle as we see today.

Castle Windsor

The main portal of Windsor Castle is the shortest street in the land named after Queen Charlotte, whose length does not exceed more than a meter. The eastern courtyard called is where the royal chambers are located. The incredible Cathedral of St George was built in the lower courtyard to the west between 1475 and 1525. Its architectural style is amazing, the whole cathedral was erected in the so called spirit of perpendicular Gothic. The internal design and its interior is no less impressive. To fill your experience look to the west window with its stained glass, depicting 75 stories from English history.

The castle Windsor is celebrating the royal family weddings from 12th century until today, many are buried kings and queens.

In 1992 a major fire destroyed the chapel. Restoration of such damage was completed in 1997, all repairs of Castle Windsor amounted to 53 million dollars.



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