Cardiff Castle

Cardiff Castle

Cardiff castle is located in the eponymous capital of Wales, located in the south of the country. At first glance it is somewhat strange in this modern fast-paced city to find a place for such a valuable historical monument, but it is a fact.

Cardiff castle is a great example of a medieval castle with a typical Victorian Gothic architecture. The capital of Wales is located on the Bristol Channel and is considered the second largest shopping center in Britain after the metropolis - London.

Cardiff Castle

castle Cardiff is a matter of conflicting opinions with some believing that this can not be a real castle, because its structure is too new. Undoubtedly, though, this is the only building in Britain, which combines architectural styles from different eras.

The fortress in the heart of Cardiff is a combination of a Roman fort, classic Norman castle and Gothic-Victorian restoration carried out in the middle of the 19th century. Beyond the medieval walls of Cardiff castle several times a year a Welsh volunteer army organizes a sort of exhibition to acquaint the audience with their activities.

The history of fortress Cardiff had started since ancient times, when the defenses were built there by the Romans, who conquered the lands of present-day Wales in the first centuries AD. From that time the name of the city became Cardiff which means "Fort of Didius", named after Aulus Didius, who was the Roman general who headed the conquests for over 43 years of BC. A little later however, the lands fell under the control of the Normans.

The current form of castle Cardiff is a merit of the third Marquess of Bute, who was also his last owner. It was he who granted the finances for the primary restoration of the palace in the late 19th century.

Castle of Cardiff

The project is the work of the renowned architect - William Burgess, who has taken care to complete the renovation of the interior. Burgess threw many years of work in to the castle Cardiff and the result of his work to this day receives recognition from the castles visitors.

Today Cardiff castle is open for public visits almost throughout the year. One must see the ornate rooms and do not miss the climb on top of the castle tower to see the stunning views from above.

The castle Cardiff regularly conducts various rock concerts and performances attended by more than 10, 000 people. In June 1998 the band, Stereophonics performed there and in 2002 Green Day.



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