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Marienberg Fortress in Wurzburg

Marienberg Fortress in Wurzburg

Marienberg Fortress is one of the most striking buildings in the German city of Wurzburg. Marienberg rises on the west bank of the River Main, which runs through the city, which is located in Lower Franconia in Bavaria - State of Bavaria.

To the majestic fortress Marienberg can be reached from the main square of Würzburg in the direction of coastal river street. There, over the Main was built a remarkable bridge that leads to the hill on which the castle is located. This old bridge is covered with 12 amazing sculptures of saints and patrons of Wurzburg. The figures are of hewn stone.

The fort on the hill - fortress of Marienberg had been there since ancient times. About 704 years there was erected a church and in the 13th century the first stone fortifications were constructed. The fortified wall around Marienberg appeared slightly later, in 1482.

At the outset of the 17th century, around 1600 Julius Ehter undertook a large-scale reconstruction of the fortress, resulting in Marienberg becoming a remarkable Renaissance work of architectural art.

In 1631 Swede Gustav Adolf conquered the area around Wurzburg and accordingly the fortress Marienberg. He began more major repairs in the castle after which Marienberg acquired the image of a baroque palace. Gustav Adolf was the one who built the beautiful gardens around the castle Marienberg. In its more than 500 years of history the castle has had various striving princes and bishops of this German region. That changed in 1744 when the Episcopal Residence in Wuerzburg was built, or also known as the Royal residence. Then the princes moved its headquarters there.

Marienberg in Wurzburg

Today fortress Marienberg is the historical symbol of all Wurzburg. The beautiful hills around Marienberg grow premium vineyards, which has been a practice for centuries. Today Marienberg has been turned into an interesting historical museum with amazing gardens surrounding it which are a favorite place for rest and recreation for the residents of Wurzburg.



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30.12.2011 02:57
I enjoyed a trip along the Romantic Road. We saw the Marienberg Fortress from Wurzburg. I'm rather sorry now that we didn't have a chance to walk through the vineyards to the Fort and look around now I have read more about it.

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