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Sandomierz Castle

Sandomierz Castle

Sandomierz castle is the successor of the former massive medieval fort. Roughly in its present form, Sandomierz castle was reconstructed in the 14th century by Casimir III the Great. The palace is located in the town, located in the southeastern part of Poland.

Today Sandomierz is popular for its beautiful and interesting old town, which is its main tourist attraction. In the history of Poland, Sandomierz is considered one of the oldest and most important cities in the country, suggesting the important functions performed by the castle over the centuries.

Sandomierz Castle

The history of Sandomierz castle began as a medieval fortress in the 10th century. Through the facade and features the castle in the 14th century became a pleasant Renaissance residence.

Most likely, the Sandomierz castle was erected at this location because of its strategic location. Originally the castle had the main function to protect the major trade routes that crossed the junction of the river Vistula and San.

The first of historical records that refer to the Sandomierz castle date from the early 12th century. At that time the country was split on the principalities and Sandomierz became the capital of the southeastern end.

Serious damage to the castle and the whole village was a problem after several attacks of the Tatars in the Middle Ages. Following the attacks in 1241, 1259 and 1287 and in 1286 all the wooden buildings in the city were completely destroyed to the ground.

After the Polish lands were united in the 14th century Sandomierz was transformed from voivodship in the principality and its composition included no large areas of Southeast Poland. At that time the castle and town were about 3000 residents, making it one of the largest Polish cities.

In the mid-14th century, again during an attack the town was burned.

Restoration of the castle Sandomierz happened during the reign of King Casimir III of Poland. He was the one that turned Sandomierz into a flourishing commercial and cultural center and one of the most beautiful Polish cities.

In 1656 the palace Sandomierz was blown up by the Swedish army, only the west wing was able to continue.

Later the castle was then turned into the Renaissance residence and the only preserved part of the original construction of the castle was turned into a museum. All of Sandomierz castle is surrounded by a picturesque green park and near the castle is a beautiful lake.



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