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Tipu Sultan's Palace

Tipu Sultans Summer Palace in Bangalore

Touring the South- Indian city of Bangalore can not be done without a thorough tour of the Palace Bangalore and Sultan's intriguing Tipu Palace. Located near the city market, Tipu fully recreates the characteristics of the local tradition of the era when it was built, while Bangalore castle is a replica of the magnificent Windsor in England. Tipu Sultan's Palace fully reflects the opulence and wealth of the Mughal rulers.

The unique design of the castle was built more than 200 years ago and has served as the summer residence of Sultan Tipu, known as the Tiger of Mysore. The Sultan's palace was built entirely out of teak wood (a general term for the local tropical trees). The castle was built between 1781 and 1790. It was erected on 2 floors with beautiful wooden staircases, arches and balconies. Originally the site of today’s Tipu Sultan's palace was occupied by another pallace, built in 1537.

Tipu Sultan's Palace is testament to the fierce opposition of the Sultan against the British regime. Tipu's father - Hyder, locks in the castle British soldiers along with their leader. Leaving a party to these distant military conflicts, the summer residence of Sultan Tipu is known as the "Abode of Peace" or "House of Happiness."

The portal is marked by unique entrance walls with charming carved arches - a genuine work of art bequeathed by Islamic architecture. You can not ignore the captivating floral motifs on the walls and ceiling of the Sultan's palace.

Tipu Sultans Summer Palace

In fact, Tipu was a very religiously tolerant ruler, and this can clearly be seen in the Ganesha Temple in the complex. After the death of the Sultan's, the summer residence was used as Secretariat to the British in 1867. Interesting in the complex causes the well preserved temple Ganapati.

On the ground floor, the entirely wooden castle has a small museum that tells of the life of Sultan Tipu, his character, policies etc. In this part of the complex can be seen one of his swords, and an ancient musical instrument. On the first floor of the Palace of Sultan Tipu is a small terrace, which was once used by him for the king's speeches and meetings.

Although it has retained its wooden stairs, palace Tipu failed to preserve much of its exquisite decoration over the centuries. Although not completely preserved, the Sultan’s Palace in Bangalore attracts a large number of tourists all year round, which can not remain indifferent to the skilful symbiosis of Islamic and Hindu architecture. A few steps from Tipu Sultan's palace is located the colourful local market of Bangalore.



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