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Griffith Observatory LA

Griffith Observatory was officially opened in 1935 and since then has been regarded as one of the biggest attractions of Los Angeles. From the Griffith Observatory is a wonderful view of Mount Hollywood.

The Observatory is located in Griffith Park. The observatory was completely reconstructed in 2002 – 2006 and in this effort were invested some ninety-three million dollars.

The central building with its dome allows for incredible shows, which can be seen simultaneously by three hundred visitors. The show lasts half an hour and is called "Centered in the Universe". To create this show, a team of artists and animators worked for more than two years, but the result is really impressive.

At Griffith Observatory can be seen interesting exhibits related to space, an amphitheater and a special room in the name of Leonard Nimoy. There can be seen images of space objects with very good resolution, for viewing and photographing, real objects are available, with magnifiers and telescopes.

Each visitor can take the opportunity to look through a telescope. When the weather is nice and the sky clear, the roof of the observatory is open and visitors can see the sky through a powerful telescope.

The observatory is known as the Griffith Observatory, as the land on which stands the monumental building was donated by a Los Angeles philanthropist Griffith Jenkins Griffith, back in 1896.

Apart from the donated land, Griffith invested much money in the construction of the observatory and planetarium. Construction of the building started in 1933 and was designed by architect John Austin. It was built in the typical theme of Art Deco.

Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles

In 1935 the observatory was officially opened and during the first few days through it passed over thirteen thousand visitors. The very first guests of the observatory could enjoy the unique facility Foucault pendulum, which was designed to demonstrate how the Earth rotates. At that time there was also a relief model of the moon.

During World War II, the Planetarium in Griffith Observatory was actively used to train American pilots because the place was ideal for this purpose. In the sixties of last century, the planetarium is used to train cosmonauts who trained here for their flights.

The Planetary Theatre, where the incredible space show can be seen, was completely reconstructed in 1964. Then followed the mammoth reconstruction in 2002, which seeks to broaden and modernize the building. Thus the possibility for construction of additional facilities for permanent and temporary exhibitions relating to space and history of the observation of celestial bodies over the centuries was created.

Today, the building has a cafeteria, gift shop and many showrooms. From its opening day, Griffith Observatory can be visited free of charge - such was the desire of Griffith. A charge is carried only by show "Centered in the Universe". It can also be visited free of charge, but only by children age five and younger. The building has retained its original artistic layout, only adding new elements that fit perfectly into the overall picture.



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