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Saratoga National Historical Park

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Saratoga National Historic Park

Saratoga National Historical Park is located in the eastern state of New York and is located relatively near the state capital - Albany.

The park is historically important because here was enacted the Battle of Saratoga, which marked the first major victory during the American Revolutionary War.

This is also where U.S. forces have met with the British army and defeat them, which led to the next milestone – for France to recognize the independence of the United States.

The battlefield, which is enacted important battle has been recognized for historical value in 1927 and in 1938 became part of the national park system when Saratoga National Historical Park was recognized by the U.S. Congress.

The park is located in the upper Hudson River. In the visitor center tourists who come here from different corners of the world can see a special film about the events of the Saratoga battlefield, and see amazing artifacts left over from that era. The visitor center at Saratoga National Park has rest rooms and a shop.

There are tourist routes for tourists who move without the help of guides. Of interest to tourists is the house of General Philip Schuyler. This is the restored house of General Schuyler.

On the territory of Saratoga National Historical Park is located the Saratoga Monument, which is one of the places which are of great importance in the Saratoga National Historical Park. The Saratoga Monument obelisk with a height of one hundred fifty-five steps symbolizes America's victory in the Battle of Saratoga.

In the Village of Victory stretch of twenty-two acres of Victory Woods. They note where the troops of the British army surrendered to U.S. forces under the command of General Horatio Gates. To reach Victory Woods, you should pass the cemetery.

Victory Woods is open to visitors from sunrise to sunset.

On the territory of Saratoga National Historical Park is the famous Boot Monument, dedicated to Benedict Arnold. This is the only war memorial that bears the name of the person who it is dedicated to. To build this memorial helped John Watts de Peyster, who was general of the New York State Militia during the American Civil War. He himself wrote several military history works, dedicated to the Battle of Saratoga.

Marshall House is located relatively close to the entrance of the park. It was built in 1773. Marshall house was glorified by Baroness Frederika Riedesel, which devoted many works of war to the American Revolution and the capture of German troops by General Riedesel in Saratoga.

Baroness Riedesel inhabited the house during the last days of the Battle of Saratoga, along with the wives of officers of the British Army and the wounded. She was declared the first female war correspondent. Marshall House was bombed by the Americans, who believed that enemy forces were there. Marshall House is privately owned.



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