Castles in Czech Republic

Travel guide to the most beautiful castles in Czech Republic. Explore the fortresses, palaces and medieval castles in Czech Republic. Tourist information and photos of Czech castles. Castles of the world - castles in Czech Republic.
 -  Svihov Castle

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Svihov Castle is celebrated as one of the most impressive and beautiful castles in the Czech Republic. Svihov Castle remains one of the best examples of Gothic and Renaissance architecture.
 -  Vranov Castle

Vranov Castle

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Vranov Castle is considered as one of the important baroque castles in Europe. Vranov Castle stands prominently above the title chech little town, which passes through, Thaya river, also known as Dyje
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 -  Litomysl Castle

Litomysl Castle

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Litomysl Castle is the biggest attraction of the same name in the northeastern Czech town of the Pardubice Region. Litomysl Castle originally was built as a Renaissance arcade castle.
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 -  Prague Castle

Prague Castle

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Prague Castle is the largest complex in Europe, representing the medieval castle. Prague Castle has experienced several destructive wars and fires. After each of them it has been restored and renovate
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 -  Troja Castle in Prague

Troja Castle in Prague

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Troja Castle is a beautiful Baroque palace located in a suburb of Prague. Troja Castle is a huge complex of buildings and lush gardens, which are built by the work of Jean Baptista Matthew.
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 -  Milotice Castle

Milotice Castle

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Milotice castle is one amazing medieval manor house, which in the 16th century was converted into a magnificent baroque palace. Today Milotice is open for public visits.
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 -  Dobris Castle

Dobris Castle

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Dobris Castle is an amazing and beautiful private chateau in the Bohemia area in Czech Republic. The beautiful Rococo Dobris Castle was erected in the second half of the 18th century.
:BohemiaRococo CastlesDobris Castle
 -  Januv Hrad Castle - Johns Castle

Januv Hrad Castle - Johns Castle

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Yanuv Castle is also known by the name Janohrad Castle (Johns Castle). Yanuv Castle was built in time, when there was a wave in the architecture of castles.
:RuinsJanuv Hrad CastleJanuv
 -  Bouzov Castle

Bouzov Castle

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The medieval Bouzov Castle is located between the villages and the town Hvozdek Bouzov, 21 km of Litovel and 28 of Olomouc. Bouzov Castle went through the Gothic style to the Renaissance architecture.
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