Castles in Germany

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Castles in Germany -  Furstenberg Castle

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Furstenberg Castle stands proudly on its hill, and at the foot of the town Rheindiebach. Among the interesting things that can be seen today in Furstenberg are the fortified wall, .
Castles in Germany -  Albrechtsberg Castle

Albrechtsberg Castle

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Albrechtsberg castle is situated on the Elbe River with excellent views across to it and Dresden. Albrechtsberg castle is located in the Dresden district Loschwitz.
:Albrechtsberg castleAlbrechtsberg castle DresdenAlbrechtsberg
Castles in Germany -  Pyrmont Castle

Pyrmont Castle

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Pyrmont castle is an intriguing medieval fortification, which is located only 50-something miles from Air Base Spangdahlem. At the Pyrmont Castle are provided all the necessary amenities for visitors.
:PyrmontPyrmont Castle
Castles in Germany -  Hardeg Castle

Hardeg Castle

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Hardeg Castle is located in the German city of Hardegsen in the picturesque region of Lower Saxony. Only the Hardeg Castle is a medieval mansion, which today is covered with debris.
:Medieval castlesHardeg CastleBurg Hardeg
Castles in Germany -  Wernigerode Castle

Wernigerode Castle

11.04.2011783ID: 18872
Wernigerode Castle is a historical landmark of its German namesake city, which is located in the Harz Mountains a declared National park. Wernigerode castle dominates the German town from its hillside covered with thick forests.
:Wernigerode CastleWernigerodeHarz Mountains
Castles in Germany -  Kriebstein Castle

Kriebstein Castle

01.04.2011586ID: 18663
Kriebstein Castle is considered the most handsome knight castle in Saxony. Currently Kriebstein castle is used regularly for various cultural events, medieval and music festivals, rock concerts.
:Gothic castlesKriebstein CastleKriebstein
Castles in Germany -  Oranienstein Castle

Oranienstein Castle

01.04.2011518ID: 18660
Oranienstein castle is one of the historical landmarks that can be found in Diez. The beautiful baroque castle was built between 1672 and 1684 by the order of Albertina Agnes, who was Princess of Nassau-Diez.
:Baroque CastlesOranienstein castleOranienstein
Castles in Germany -  Dillenburg Castle

Dillenburg Castle

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Dillenburg Castle dominates the German town of the same name, which is located in central Germany. Dillenburg Castle proudly bears its tower known as Wilhelmsturm and is a symbol olf Dillenburg.
:Dillenburg CastleDillenburgWilhelmsturm
Castles in Germany -  Imperial Palace Goslar - Kaiserpfalz

Imperial Palace Goslar - Kaiserpfalz

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Imperial Palace in Goslar is one of the biggest attractions of this historic German city. The Imperial Palace Goslar, known as Kaiserpfalz palace is located at the foot of Ramelsberg.
:Imperial Palace GolslarGoslarGoslar Palace
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