World's Most Beautiful Cities

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23 May
Los AngelesLos Angeles
23 May
Tel AvivTel Aviv
23 May
Italy, Rome and the Pope, this is the first association that people usually give when they hear about the Italian capital Rome. This former capital of the Roman Empire is the most powerful, great and lasted the longest E...
Florence is the cradle of the Renaissance or the soul of Italy. This historic city with the capital [Rome] built the remarkable cultural image of Italy and is popular worldwide. Florence is situated among the incredib...
Padua (it. Padova) is 40 km west of Venice in Italy. It is the administrative center of the province, which is located in the Veneto. The River Bakilione crosses through Padua. The town is among the cultural centers ...
Istanbul is one of the capitals of the Orient. This city of diversity is as primitive as it is superb, attracting all the charm with vulnerability, which brings the Muslim world. In historic terms Istanbul has collec...
Paris, the very name of the romantic French capital wakes mental pictures, accompanied by a pleasant accompaniment of the accordion. This idyllic image could be supplemented by an enjoyable evening spent over a glass of ...
New YorkNew York
New York City with its nearly 8 500 000 inhabitants is one of the largest metropolis in the world. There is hardly enough words to describe New York there are a vast diversity of cultures, customs, modern urban life and ...
Literally the name of the Japanese capital Tokyo is translated as "Eastern Capital". With its millions of inhabitants, Tokyo is today one of the largest metropolises in the world. Population only in the Tokyo area is 8 4...
For every believer who visits the the holy place of worship in Jerusalem, it is a major achievement in ones earthly path. Widespread debate is that it is in Jerusalem where man is closest to God. The Israeli town is buil...
London is the capital of England and the United Kingdom. Located in the southern island of Great Britain, London is the largest city in the territory of England and the largest urban area in the European Union. The Story...
Berlin is not only the administrative capital of Germany but, is also the "moral" historic center of the country. Berlin has kept alive the dramatic history and story of the whole country, especially with the [iron] curt...
Situated on a beautiful bend of the big Vltava River, Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic. Prague is the largest and one of the most precious historical cities across the country. The Czech capital is almost half...