Volubilis Morocco


Volubilis is an archaeological site in Morocco. Situated near Moknes between the towns of Fez and Rabat. The easiest way to get there is the road N13, and the nearest village is Moulin Idris.

This cultural monument, which is the 1997 book by the world heritage by UNESCO, are the best preserved ruins in this part of North Africa. These remains of Roman times are unique with its mosaics, and these are not reserved elsewhere in whole of Morocco.

Ancient roman ruins Volubilis

In antiquity, there was a departure of Roman Governance at the town near the western boundary of the Roman Empire. The settlement was erected at the site of an earlier Carthaginian possession.

Volubilis was the administrative center of the Roman province of Mauretania Tingitana. In the fertile lands of the province they had many crops such as wheat, olives and olive oil that was produced there and exported to Rome. Thanks to this trade city it rapidly developed as a rich and prosperous province.

Unlike most Roman settlements in this region of the Mediterranean, Volubilis was not abandoned by its inhabitants after the invasion of the Arabs.

Volubilis Morocco

While many architectural monuments are reminders of the greatness of the Roman Empire were destroyed at Volubilis, there are 30 reserved magnificent mosaics, multiple columns, a basilica and triumphal arch. It was erected in honor of Emperor Caracalla, and in the past has been crowned with a bronze chariot built on the stone structure. In 1962 the arch was restored again.

The natural hill there in Volubilis, rises above the surrounding plains and is located in the Capitol, which faces the Basilica in which has a preserved magnificent mosaic depicting Bacchus on the chariot.

Other interesting archaeological sites in Volubilis are the chariot of Amphitrite mosaic miniatures and the recreating the myth of Orpheus.

It is good to visit Volubilis in the autumn, and a walk in the evening is recommended because during the day tourists are many.



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