Havasu Falls

Havasu Falls

Havasu Falls is one of the most beautiful nature spots, which offers a view of the Grand Canyon. It is located only a mile from the Indian Village, Supai.

The name of the tribes who inhibited the canyon 800 years ago, Havasupai literally means "people from blue-green waters." It is a fully adequate name as many aquatic beauties can be seen within the park which is enriched with the unique blue green color.

Havasu Falls

In 2008 a large and significant flood in the canyon lead to fundamental changes in the nature of the waterfalls, which there are 5 large and several smaller ones. Havasu Falls also undergoes changes. It’s wildly falling water can be heard by the tourists on the path that leads to it. However, Havasu remains one of the most beautiful, picturesque waterfalls in the world.

You can reach Havasu Falls by a side path that curves from the main tourist route. The small path leads down to the river, which was built over a wooden bridge. In the entire region there are distinctive, typical travertine rock formations that give additional beauty of the town of Havasu.

These limestone rocks were formed as a result of large amounts of calcium carbonate in the water and the bright color of the rocks further strengthens the blue green water masses. In fact it is a very unique beautiful view.

When you reach the waters of Havasu Falls you can feel the water drops. Havasu Falls is perhaps the most famous and most visited of all the waterfalls in the canyon. Havasu drains the pool of one major hole in its highest point reaching 37 meters in height.

The vertical cliffs there are highly susceptible to environmental influences because of their composition, resulting in the Havasu Falls changing its external appearance which continues over a very short time.



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