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Linderhof Castle

Linderhof Palace

In the south of Bavaria, 87 km south of Munich, in the beautiful Alpine valley is the Linderhof Castle.

In 1869 Ludwik II ordered the construction of a unique palace. Linderhof Castle was built from 1870 to 1878 under the direction of the court architect Georg Dollmann.

Before the main facade of the castle terraces was a swimming pool with gold plated sculptures. The stream of the fountain there rises to a height of 30 meters. After the building the visitor portal is located in a beautiful hall. In the periphery it has columns of red marble. In the center was located a Bronze sculpture of one of the Bourbons, Ludwik XIV, known in history as the Sun King on horseback.

During 1884 the castle was extended by Julius Hoffman. Interestingly, the bedroom is the largest room in the palace. Marble statues, sculptures and paintings on the ceilings show the tendency of farmers to Greek mythology. Over the bed alcove was painted the solar boxes of Apollo, painted by German master, Ludwik Lesker. Embroidery on the canopy remains unfinished, with the exception of the Bavarian coat of arms on the bed.

The mirror Hall is linked to the bedroom and is located to the south side. Many experts consider this room the peak for the mastery of German architects who were the best in Europe at fitting mirror rooms. Traditions of this craft landed in Germany during the 18th century. Large mirrors were installed in the walls with white-gold plating.

Linderhof CAstle

Another landmark of the Linderhof Castle is the west room with tapestries, known as the music room. It strikes with the amount of spectacular paintings. The paintings and upholstery of the soft furniture resemble the tapestries. They were made in a Paris factory and depict pastoral scenes in rococo. Visitors are impressed by the kind of ornate musical instrument, an unusual combination of street organ and forte piano. Before it is a life size peacock made of painted porcelain. The same room also consists of a white porcelain swan, one of the favorite birds of Ludwik II.



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