Svihov Castle

Svihov Castle in Czech Republic

Svihov Castle is celebrated as one of the most impressive and beautiful castles in the Czech Republic. It represents water and was an extremely well fortified castle, built in the late 15th and early 16th century.

Its unique defensive structure consists of two lines of trenches and a fortification system of lakes. No analogue in nature of Svihov Castle was arranged so that in case of danger the surrounding meadows could be flooded, resulting in the castle remaining secured to the artificial island.

Svihov Castle in Czech Republic

Svihov is one of the historical prides of the Czech Republic. It was erected in the southwest part of Bohemia, very near the town of Plzeň and Klatovy. It is open for public visits by offering two tours that include walks in the courtyard and the viewing of the private chapel and armory. Like many other fortresses and castles in the country, Svihov is open for visits from May to October.

Svihov Castle remains one of the best examples of Gothic and Renaissance architecture, it largely managed to maintain its original appearance of the 16th century. Much of its protective system is available and visitors have the chance to see it.

In excellent condition are the water channels and original trenches, some of which today are filled with water. During the Thirty Years War the entire area was besieged and burned by the Swedish army, but the brilliant defense system of Svihov allows it to remain intact and impregnable.

Today the tourist tours of Svihov are mainly focus on two - one tour allows you to learn more about the noble spaces which inhabited the castle, mostly the family Ryzmberks, and the second tour tells mainly teaches about being in the palace.

It is important to know that beyond the stone walls of the castle Svihov, temperatures are quite low. If you want to concentrate entirely on the circumference of the fortress, you must be well dressed, so as not to be distracted from the cold.

The castle has only a portrait of the founder of Svihov - Půta Švihovský. It is said that after the castle was built, Svihovsky lured all builders, craftsmen and workers who built his fortress to burn them in the barn. His wife - Marie Machová, once inhabited the bedroom, which today is considered the coldest room in Svihov.

Before being renovated in the middle of last century and open to public visits, Svihov Castle was used as a granary. Since then Svihov has become a civil property, which is managed by the National Institute for the Conservation of historical monuments.



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