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Ludwigsburg Palace

Palace Ludwigsburg

Ludwigsburg Palace is the largest and most beautiful baroque palace in Germany. The incredible architecture of the castle is complemented by beautiful and extensive gardens. This Baroque masterpiece is located in the town Ludwigsburg, which lies 12 km north of the city center of Stuttgart. According to the eternal "King" of women, Casanova , this palace was the most magnetic and charismatic castle for its time.

Ludwigsburg Palace basics were laid on May 17th, 1704 by order of Duke Eberhard Ludwig, King of Wurttemberg and was the position of the reigning monarch in 1693 to 1733.

One year later after its construction came the beautiful name of the castle. The initial design of Ludwigsburg was to be a hunting lodge, but over time the building continually had added new parts and major monuments, which today draw the overall beauty of the palace.

Ludwigsburg Castle

On August 17th, 1709 the ruler, Duke began construction of the city close to his palace. He had the idea to build a ruler to the complex, like the proximity of Versailles to Paris. Prior to that his main office was in an old palace building in the center of Stuttgart.

1718 Ludwigsburg was temporarily declared the capital and sole residence of the dukes of Wurttemberg until later when the successors of Eberhard Ludwig, transferred the residence back near Stuttgart.

In 1733, when the construction phase of Ludwigsburg Palace was brought to an end, the baroque style of architecture was at its zenith and the most elegant buildings were constructed as models. Ultimately, however, the descendants of Eberhard Ludwig modified the original design of the palace.

Two of them have great merit for the present type of Ludwigsburg - Karl Eugen, Duke of Wurttemberg (1728 - 1793) and King Friedrich of Württemberg (1754-1816).


Today Ludwigsburg Palace is a unique combination of three architectural styles one being Baroque. In this style were built the hunting pavilion and places for different games, the Giants building, new main building and chapel in the courtyard, in the rococo style were built the private apartment of the duke and the new capital Hall. The imperial designs are dependent for the royal presence chamber, Marble Hall and Library.



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