Rhine Falls

Rhine Falls

Rhine Falls is an amazing wonder of nature, which is the largest waterfall in Europe and one of the largest of the entire planet. The extremely beautiful and powerful Rhine Falls is located in Switzerland, close to the village Neuhausen and quite near the town of Schaffhausen (about 4 km away). This is in the northern part of Switzerland, between the cantons of Schaffhausen and Zurich.

Rhine Falls is in the upper Rhine, near the border with Germany. Very close to Rhine Falls is the lovely Lake Zürichsee, which is located only 47 kilometers away, while Mainau is only 44 km away.

Rhine Falls was formed during the last glacial period, about 17, 000 years ago and today is a giant waterfall, which startles with the size and power of its water mass.

It reaches a height of 23 meters and its width reaches 150 meters. Its average water volume is 700 cubic meters per second. This natural phenomenon is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the country.

Rhine Falls, Switzerland

Annually, visitors come here from around the world and from the city, one can easily navigate in the direction of Rhine Falls, by following the many foreign tourist groups.

Particularly beautiful views of the waterfall are revealed from the south bank. It is advisable to visit the waterfall in the spring when the flow is at its fullest.

The entrance is 3 euros, but its not money is that can bring discomfort to your visit in Rhine Falls. The waterfall is a natural ways barrier to migrating fish, with the exception of eels, which manage to push their way between the rocks.

Observation platforms are built in many places on both banks of the Rhine. They can be reached by steep and narrow stairs. Tourists have the opportunity to take a journey with a special boat up the Rhine to Rhine Falls.

Boats depart from Laufen Castle, which is also quite a curious place for tourists. The walk to Rhine Falls will allow you to enjoy the views of Wörth Castle.



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