Adirondack Mountains

Adirondack Mountains

Adirondack Mountains are probably one of the most beautiful places that you can see in the U.S. Rising in the northeast state of New York, Adirondack gives its name to National Park Adirondack that with its impressive 25, 000 square kilometers is the largest park in the United States.

The amazing beauty of the local nature can best be captured in the autumn, when the whole park and the mountains are bathed in iridescent yellow, orange, red, brown, green and blue. That autumn colors of Adirondack can be classified as one of the most amazing views of our planet.

The Adirondack chain of mountains stretching across the counties of Clinton, Essex, Franklin, Fulton, Hamilton, Herkimer, Lewis, Saint Lawrence, Saratoga, Warren and Washington. Geographers often relate Adirondack to the Appalachian mountain chain, but they have a greater resemblance to the Laurentian Mountains in Canada.

East of the mountains Adirondack borders Lake Champlain and Lake George, to the east is the Mohawk River, which splits the Green Mountains from Vermont. North of the park remains St. Lawrence River.

Adirondack was formed around 1 million years back and it undergoes numerous erosion and glacial processes, and today consists of about 46 peaks, reaching altitudes above 1200 m and the total number of peaks is above 100. It has 11 giants with high alpine profiles.

The highest point is Mount Marcy with a height of 1629 meters, then comes Algonquin Peak, at 1559 m. Most of the peaks in the chain are characterized by rounded shapes, but there also are exposed vertical entities.

Adirondack Mountains, New York

The beautiful mountains are covered with dense forests of spruce, hemlock, white and pitch pine, maple, birch, and among the largest species found white-tailed deer, black bear, American lynx and coyotes. Around 2400 km is the total length of rivers that flow through the park Adirondack. In this beautiful area have been formed many lakes full of trout and salmon.

Geographical and topographical features of the Adirondack mountains and parks are a prerequisite among the favorite places to visit not only for Americans, but for people from around the world. Here one finds excellent conditions for hiking, the total length of routes is 3200 km.

Adirondack visitors can practice biking, sailing in some of the 2000 lakes, canoeing, skiing and sled dog harness riding, as well as many other winter sports. Particularly attractive is the opportunity to indulge in ice fishing, snowboarding or bobsledding.

If you want to see autumn colors of Adirondack, it is best to visit the mountains during the last two weeks of September and early October, and see the warm crimson valleys. Excellent mountain resorts in Adirondack are spaced only 1-2 hours apart, there are the world famous Killington, Stowe, Mad River Valley and Stratton.

In the small villages, tourists can see a lot of historical, artistic and cultural attractions. Many such places and private villa areas are situated around the Saranac River and Lake Placid.



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