Castles in France

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 -  Beynac Castle

02.02.2011, ID: 17030
Beynac Castle dominates the town of the same name of its high hill, reaching 150 meters. Beynac Castle is perched on a limestone hill on the north bank of the river Dordogne.
 -  Sisteron Castle

Sisteron Castle

01.02.2011541ID: 17026
Sisteron Castle is the largest historic landmark of self-titled French town. Sisteron is called - door to Provence. The foundations of the Sisteron Castle, as we see today were laid in the 13 century.
:Sisteron CastleSisteronProvence
 -  Tarascon Castle

Tarascon Castle

31.01.20111421ID: 16987
Tarascon Castle is an impressive and massive medieval citadel, situated on the River Rhone. Tarascon Castle is situated 23 km south of Avignon, about 20 kilometers north of Arles.
:Medieval castlesTarascon CastleTarascon
 -  Gizors Castle - Chateau de Gisors

Gizors Castle - Chateau de Gisors

26.01.20111439ID: 16828
Gizors Castle and also known as Ch√Ęteau de Gisors is a remarkable medieval fortified tower. Gizors Castle is a massive stone fort, whose history began in the late 11th century.
:FortificationsGizors CastleGizors
 -  Castle If - Chateau If

Castle If - Chateau If

16.01.2011631ID: 16518
Castle If is one of the magnets for the tourists in Marseille. Rising in the middle of Marseilles Bay, the island and castle Chateau IF is one intriguing place.
:Castle IfMarseilleChateau If
 -  Chateau Gaillard

Chateau Gaillard

16.01.20111104ID: 16502
Chateau Gaillard stands on a hill very domineering with its 90m height above the surrounding green areas in the region of Les Andelys. The history of Chateau Gaillard began in the 12th century.
:GaillardChateau GaillardGaillard Castle
 -  Murol Castle

Murol Castle

24.12.2010450ID: 15976
Murol Castle has been included in the list of historical monuments of France since 1958. This magnificent medieval Murol Castle is located in the Auvergne.
:MurolMurol CastleAuvergne
 -  Chenonceau Castle

Chenonceau Castle

08.12.20101483ID: 15608
Chenonceau Castle is one of the most elegant castles in Francewhich remains slightly away from the Loire river. Chenonceau Castle was built directly into the waters of the river Cher.
:Loire River CastlesChenonceau CastleChenonceau
 -  Amboise Castle

Amboise Castle

08.12.20101015ID: 15607
Amboise Caste is located in the bosom of the medieval castles in the Loire River valley. Amboise Castle is one of the most interesting and popular tourist attractions in this part of central France.
:Loire River CastlesAmboise CasteAmboise
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