Castles in Italy

Virtual trip to the most beautiful castles in Italy. List of of the many medieval fortresses and castles in Italy worth visiting. Travel information and pictures of italian castles. All castles in Italy at a glance.
 -  Battipaglia Castle

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Battipaglia Castle is an impressive and beautiful Norman castle, in southwestern Italy. The castle is dominated by its wooded hill above the eponymous Italian city.
 -  Beseno Castle

Beseno Castle

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Castel Beseno is built around the hill of the local valley, located between Trento and Rovereto. If you want to experience an exciting journey within Italy, Beseno Castle is the place you should visit
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 -  Gandolfo Castle

Gandolfo Castle

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Castle Gandolfo is known today as the summer residence of the Pope. Gandolfo Castle offers a splendid view of the Lake Albano, which remains slightly downhill.
:Castle GandolfoGandolfoPope Residence
 -  Estense Castle in Ferrara

Estense Castle in Ferrara

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Right in the center of the northern Italian town of Ferrara is Estense castle, also known as Castle of Saint Michele.
:FerraraEstense CastleFerrara Castle
 -  Sarriod Castle - Sarriod de la Tour

Sarriod Castle - Sarriod de la Tour

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Sarriod Castle, known as Seriod de la Tour is an amazing castle situated in the Aosta Valley, in Saint Pierre. Sarriod Castle is one of the authentic medieval castles, which can be seen in Italy.
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 -  Aragonese Castle

Aragonese Castle

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Aragonese Castle is something that can only inspire respect and admiration. Aragon├ęse Castle or also known as, Aragones Castle, is perched on a small island in Ischia located in the Campania region.
:Aragonese CastleAragones CastleIschia
 -  Corte Citadel

Corte Citadel

16.01.2011881ID: 16522
Corte Citadel is one of the most impressive at first glance places in Corsica. Today Citadel of Corte is a wonderful place for cultural events.
:Corte CitadelCorsicaCitadel of Corte
 -  Grinzane Castle

Grinzane Castle

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Grinzane Castle is a journey back in time. Grinzane is located in the Italian Province of Cuneo, which is part of the northern Piedmont region. Grinzane is located only 50 km southeast of Turin.
 -  Sirmione Castle - Rocca Scaligera

Sirmione Castle - Rocca Scaligera

05.01.20111757ID: 16218
Sirmione Castle is situated in the town of Sirmione in Italy. Sirmione Castle stands on the shore of a long peninsula on lake Garda. Castle Sirmione is also known as Rocca Scaligera.
:Sirmione CastleLake GardaSirmione
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