Castles in Irland

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Castles in Irland -  Ashford Castle

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Ashford Castle is located near Cong, County Mayo, Ireland near the border with County Galway. The castle stands right on the edge of Lough Corrib. Ashford Castle is rated amongst the best hotels in Ireland.
Castles in Irland -  Ballynahinch Castle

Ballynahinch Castle

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Ballynahinch Castle is a breathtakingly beautiful medieval castle in Ireland. Balynahinch Castle and its wonderful natural places extend over an area of 450 acres in the heart of the Connemara.
:Ballynahinch CastleBallynahinchRecess
Castles in Irland -  Dunluce Castle

Dunluce Castle

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Dunluce Castle remains today to remind us of the once mighty fortress built along the coast of Northern Ireland. Close to Dunluce Castle are the ruins of the ancient Church St. Cuthbert 's.
:RuinsIrelandDunluce Castle
Castles in Irland -  Johnstown Castle

Johnstown Castle

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Johnstown Castle is an incredibly beautiful mansion located in the Irish County of Wexford. Johnstown Castle covers a total area of 400 hectares.
:Johnstown CastleJohnstownWexford
Castles in Irland -  Kilkea Castle

Kilkea Castle

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Kilkea Castle is a medieval castle near the Irish village of the same name. Kilkea is located about 80 kilometers from Dublin. Kilkea Castle was built by Sir Walter de Riddlesford in 1180-1181.
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Castles in Irland -  Ballinacarriga Castle

Ballinacarriga Castle

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The ruins of Ballinacarriga Castle are beautifully situated on a hill, located halfway between Dunmanway and Ballineen, as the castle is about 8 km from Danmanuey.
:Ballinacarriga CastleBallinacarrigaDunmanway
Castles in Irland -  Ballygally Castle

Ballygally Castle

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Ballygally Castle is located next to the sandy beaches of the Bay, which lies at the beginning of the picturesque coast of Antrim in Northern Ireland.
:Ballygally CastleBallygallyAntrim
Castles in Irland -  Knappogue Castle

Knappogue Castle

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Knappogue Castle with its breathtakingly beautiful enclosed garden is located in the Irish county of County Clare. Knappogue Castle was built by Sean McNamara in 1467.
:County ClareKnappogueKnappogue Castle
Castles in Irland -  Athenry Castle

Athenry Castle

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Athenry Castle is located 25 kilometers east of the town Galway. The medieval Athenry castle was built in the 13th century during the Anglo-Norman colonization.
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