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Jal Mahal - Water Palace in Jaipur

Jal Mahal Palace in Jaipur

The Water Palace, also known as Jal Mahal Palace is located in the city of Jaipur in the Indian province of Rajasthan. The name of this remarkable castle comes from the fact that it is beautifully situated in the water. The Water Palace is distinguished by its complex architecture.

It was built for about two centuries as a place of pleasures for the then ruler. Today the Water Palace has a specially built road. Jal Mahal is remarkable as the first three floors are entirely under water, while today over the water level only one floor has remained.

The palace of winds was built in the middle of Man Sagar Lake and was built on the foundations of the previous Palace of Udaipur, where King Madho Singh I spent his childhood. Jal Mahal as we see it today was built in the 18th century.

During the summer months Man Sagar dries up, and only then is it possible to see all four floors of the entire Water Palace. Designed as a place for pleasure and enjoyment of the royal family, Jal Mahal is actually one of the most impressive palaces in India with its beautiful and very complex architecture.

During the winter months within the greenish water of the lake you can see many different species of migratory birds. Around the panorama includes the surrounding peaks of the Nahargarh Hills. Thanks to them, centuries ago the Water Palace served as a hunting residence by the rulers that liked to have fun with the killing of ducks.

Jaipur's Water Palace - Jal Mahal

The Water Palace in Jaipur is an excellent example of Indo-Mughal architecture. Especially attractive is the opportunity for visitors to enjoy the calm waters of Man Sagar Lake, while sitting in the complex with the exquisitely carved balconies and arched roof of the Water Palace.

To access the Jal Mahal you can catch a bus or taxi from the central station. Furthermore, the total transport of the city authorities in Rajasthan have got to have special services for tourists who take them directly to the landmark of Jaipur.



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Comments (2)

Susan Potempa
Susan Potempa
07.06.2012 16:47
I was just there and it is not open to the public. I wish I could have seen the inside.
11.05.2011 00:06
You refer to Jal Mahal as the Palace of Winds, but I think that's another building in Jaipur called Hawa Mahal.

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