Castles in Austria

Online travel guide to the most beautiful castles in Austria. List of fortresses, medieval castles and palaces in Austria. Tourist information and pictures of austrian castles. All castles in Austria at a glance.
 -  Laudegg Castle

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Laudegg castle in Ladis as one of the most beautiful in Tyrol, Austria. Castle Laudegg is the largest tourist attraction of the small holiday village Ladis
 -  Schallaburg Castle

Schallaburg Castle

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Schallaburg is an amazing medieval castle, located just two hours from Vienna. Medieval Schallaburg stands only five kilometers from the town of Melk.
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 -  Prosels Castle

Prosels Castle

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Prosels Castle is situated on a high plateau to the land title settlement in South Tyrol. strong>Prosels Castle stands with its medieval figure below the Schlern mountain
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 -  Aggstein Castle

Aggstein Castle

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Aggstein Castle is one of the most attractive castles in the region of Wachau. Aggstein Castle, along with The monastery of Melk offer a great panorama of the city Durnstein.
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 -  Schönbrunn Palace

Schönbrunn Palace

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Schönbrunn Palace is a great palace complex, which Austria is proud. Schönbrunn Palace is one of the biggest attractions of Vienna.
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 -  Landeck Castle

Landeck Castle

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Landeck castle is a real window into the past. Landeck castle is situated at the ancient Roman fortress - Via Claudia Augusta, within the incredibly beautiful and naturally rich Tyrolean region.
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 -  Forchtenstein Castle

Forchtenstein Castle

16.01.2011496ID: 16498
Forchtenstein Castle offers visitors an amazing journey back in time to the years of the Middle Ages. Forchtenstein is a little town of Mattersburg.
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 -  Lichtenstein castle in Austria

Lichtenstein castle in Austria

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Lichtenstein castle is one of the most remarkable medieval fortified buildings throughout Austria. The story of the Austrian castle of Liechtenstein began in 1135.
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 -  Krumau Castle

Krumau Castle

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Krumau Castle rises above the Austrian village of Krumau, west of the city of Horn in the province of Lower Austria. Krumau Castle is locally known as Burg Krumau.
:Lower AustriaKrumau CastleKrumau
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