Castles in Italy

Virtual trip to the most beautiful castles in Italy. List of of the many medieval fortresses and castles in Italy worth visiting. Travel information and pictures of italian castles. All castles in Italy at a glance.
Castles in Italy -  Tures Castle

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Tures Castle has a special place among the historical landmarks in South Tyrol. Located near the pleasant town of Campo Tures, located in the northeastern Italian province of Bolzano-Bozen.
Castles in Italy -  Duino Castle

Duino Castle

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Duino Castle or Castello di Duino is an old palace, standing on a rocky promontory in the Adriatic seaside Italian province of Trieste.
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Castles in Italy -  Morella Castle

Morella Castle

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Morella Castle is located in Castellón, it is the peak point of the historical sights of Valencia. Morella is a huge medieval fortress, with miles of surrounding walls, which was originally built by the Arabs.
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Castles in Italy -  San Giorgio of Mantua castle

San Giorgio of Mantua castle

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Castle of San Giorgio was originally built with only defensive end to mind, but very soon became part of the magnificent Palazzo Ducale.
:San GiorgioSan Giorgio MantuaPalazzo Ducale
Castles in Italy -  Castle Assisi - Rocca Maggiore

Castle Assisi - Rocca Maggiore

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Assisi is located in the province of Perugia in the Italian region of Umbria. The medieval castle in Assisi is the first thing you see when you enter the italian city.
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Castles in Italy -  Castle dell  'Ovo - Egg Castle

Castle dell 'Ovo - Egg Castle

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Castel dell 'Ovo also known as Egg castle is massive and impressive medieval fortress in the Gulf of Napples. The castle is located on a small peninsula known as the island of Megaride.
:NaplesCastel dell OvoEgg Castle
Castles in Italy -  Kastelbell Castle

Kastelbell Castle

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Kastelbell Castle is a castle in Italy, now known primarily for art and exhibition businesses. Picturesque Kastebell is located in the Italian region of Kastelbell-Tschars on the left bank of the river Adige.
:Kastelbell CastleKastelbellAdige River
Castles in Italy -  Norman Palace, Palermo

Norman Palace, Palermo

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Norman Palace in Palermno is undoubtedly one of the most prominent Arab-Norman buildings in the world. This unique historical complex is located at Piazza Indipendenza.
:Norman CastlesNorman PalaceNorman Palace Palermo
Castles in Italy -  Vairano Patenora Castle

Vairano Patenora Castle

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Castle Vairano Patenora and its small town is located in the province of Caserta in the Italian region of Campania, around 60 miles north of Naples.
:Vairano PatenoraVairano Patenora Castle
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