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Albrechtsburg Castle in Meissen

Albrechtsburg Castle in Meissen

Another beautiful sight of the German State of Saxony can be seen near Dresden - Albrechtsburg Castle. This beautiful palace is situated in the ancient town of Meissen, which is famous for its porcelain and age-old historical buildings.

Situated on the left bank of the Elbe the late Gothic castle complex Albrechtsburg dominates high above the old town of Meissen.

Albrechtsburg Castle in Meissen

In its present form the castle was built between 1260 and 1410, and the porcelain production in Meissen was thriving in the region because of the rich deposits of kaolin.

Only Albrechtsburg Castle was built in its present form in the 15th century, but is considered the oldest castle in all Germany. The archetype of today's Albrechtsburg Castle appears on this scale over the Elbe back in 929 years when King Henry I raised there the first blockhouse.

Until finally in the 15th century Albrechtsburg Castle was transformed into what is today considered a masterpiece of late Gothic architecture.

The strategic importance of the castle is complemented by the fact that on three sides it is surrounded by water - you pass the currents of the river Elbe, Triebisch and Meisa. Beginning as a military fortress Albrechtsburg Castle was used as a residence to the authorities and the Archbishops of Meissen in the early stages of its history.

Since 1471 the complex of Albrechtsburg Castle had a renovation of the glistening structure that with its incredible architecture impresses visitors today. This happened during the period of Ernest of Saxony and his younger brother - Albert the Bold. The blatant master at that time - an architect of Arnold of Westphalia designed Albrechtsburg Castle entirely as a residence for living, not as a military fortress.

After 1485, when such lands were divided Albrechtsburg Castle remained the property of Albert.His descendants continued to use the Gothic castle residence, while members of the genus Wettin Albertinian had not moved to the Castle in Dresden.

albrechtsburg castle

In 1710 the porcelain factory in Meissen was the first in Europe, and this was by order of August the Strong.

From 1881 the Castle functioned as a museum and was opened for public visits. The various buildings of the complex inside the palace offer you to view the many beautiful murals, and various historical and art exhibitions. On the third floor of the castle you can see the historical book that recreates the history of Saxony through pictures.



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